A look inside artgenève’s new pop-up restaurant and bar Night-Fall by Fiskebar

Hang out in a contemporary jungle oasis, and admire works of art with a cocktail in hand, at artgenève’s new pop-up restaurant & bar Night-Fall by Fiskebar.

In honour of the Geneva Biennale Sculpture Garden, artgenève has partnered with the Ritz-Carlton hotel, launching an artistic pop-up restaurant and bar in their Fiskebar venue. The pop-up celebrates the best of art and design, taking guests on a visual journey through an enchanting urban jungle, designed by Swiss artist Denis Savary.

Night-Fall by Fiskebar restaurant © Julien Gremaud

Whats the story?

Denis Savary’s work, ranging from sculptures to drawings, and dance performances and films, explore complex narratives within art history, literature and science. Drawing from memories and imagination, Savary experiments with space, semiotics, textures and symmetry, creating beautifully contorted objects and captivating abstract designs. His creations have earned him recognition on the international art scene, with galleries Swiss Institute (New York) and Xippas Galerie (Paris) having exhibited his work. 

What can we expect from the interior?

At Nightfall, guests can expect an exotic, jungle-inspired space, with heaps of contemporary touches and abstract designs. Imagine perfectly polished table tops, elegant velvet chairs, metallic-looking wall features and leafy plants, that work to create a tropical, dreamlike atmosphere. The restaurant itself offers up a mystical dining space, with colourful plexiglass windows and glowing neon structures that illuminate the room.

How about the food and drink?

On the menu, we discover Scandinavian-inspired dishes masterminded by Chef Lenaic Jourdren, whose inventive cooking style is totally worth a try. Think starters like the delicate crab, with grilled daikon, garnished with pomelo and yellow wine jus, or, the star of the show, tender veal cutlets served with fresh anchovies, and burnt aubergine in a thai basil sauce. Complement your meal with a signature cocktail by Bvlgari, made up of gin, aquavit, passionfruit and rosemary—it’s a must try, artistically presented, with flavours that linger in the mind.

Final thoughts?

This pop-up is an excellent all-rounder, a few minutes’ walk from the Lac Leman, and the perfect venue for a date or evening out with friends. It’s an enchanting and immersive experience, that brings together the worlds of contemporary art and culinary excellence.

The Nightfall Pop-up will run from 17 August – 4 September 2020, from 7 pm (bar open from 5 pm). For bookings: geneva.fiskebar@ritzcarlton.com / 022 909 60 00

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