Fiskebar: a closer look at the michelin-starred restaurant and the new head chef behind the flavours

This fall, you’d be hard-pressed to find a trendier dining spot, than the sensational Michelin-starred restaurant Fiskebar. And it is utterly deserving of the recognition.

Located in the heart of Geneva, within the Ritz-Carlton hotel, Fiskebar takes guests on a culinary journey across Scandinavia, offering explosive Nordic-inspired cuisine in a sophisticated, modern atmosphere. The ambience is perfect, with two ultra-sleek dining rooms that seamlessly blend minimalism with indulgent elegance. Inspired by nature, the space pays homage to a Scandinavian market, combining cool oak flooring and gray timber walls, with rich velvet sofas, slate table tops and a raw kitchen counter. There really is nowhere quite like it.

The room is big on design and the flavours are bold enough to match: Head Chef Francesca Fucci has worked for over a decade at Michelin-starred restaurants like the Moma, La Pergola in Rome and the prestigious Joël Robuchon in Monaco, where she refined and sharpened her undeniable talent. With a new menu and passionate team worth talking about, we sat down with Francesca to discover more about her life, success and what you can expect from Fiskebar.

How did you get into cooking? Tell us more about your journey?

I had a passion for food and cooking from a young age, and always loved the creative aspect of it. I began working in a kitchen when I was only 13, and instantly knew it was where I belonged. I continued working at restaurants while studying at a hotel school in Italy, and it was at this time that I met a brilliant teacher, who inspired me to travel and pursue my dreams as a chef.

It was very exciting. At 18 years old I had the opportunity to work in two of Rome’s top Michelin-starred restaurants; Moma and La Pergola, where I learned advanced cooking techniques and pushed myself artistically. Later on in my career, I got the chance to work under the mastermind Joël Robuchon, at his renowned Michelin-starred restaurant in Monaco. There I experienced the rigour and discipline of French cuisine, and completely elevated my skills. A few years after this, I began speaking with a family friend Alessio Corda—the former Executive Chef of The Ritz-Carlton Hotel de la Paix—and was invited to start a new journey, with a team of talented chefs in Geneva.

What is your favourite thing about cooking?

There are so many aspects about cooking that I love: from the way the products are prepared and seasoned, to the creation of exceptional flavours and designs. It’s really all about making our guests happy, as they are at the centre of the experience. I love seeing their reactions, and knowing that our dishes gave them joy. It’s an incredible thing to connect with people through food!

What does food mean to you?

There is no better explanation than connection. I grew up near my grand-parents farm in the region of Apulia, where most of the produce we ate came from the land. We respected and valued the fresh ingredients, and bonded with each other when sharing them.

What is your favourite dish from the Fiskebar menu, and why?

I love them all equally, but the SMØRREBRØD—a rye bread tartine topped with fresh onions and goats cheese—is high up on the list. It reminds me of an Italian bruschetta; one of the most simple Italian dishes, made using fresh, high quality ingredients that burst with flavour. I love the simplicity, and how you can experiment with toppings to completely transform the dish.

What do you like most about Scandinavian cuisine?

I love how the produce is at the centre of the food experience. Similar to Italian cuisine, there is a big focus on using fresh, high-quality ingredients that bring rich flavour to any dish. Scandinavian cuisine is pure and honest, made with produce that speaks for itself.

What makes Fiskebar different from other restaurants in Geneva? Is there anything we should know about the menu, produce and techniques?

Fiskebar brings something truly unique and special to Geneva. It’s a restaurant that demonstrates the beauty of combining organic, seasonal produce with experimental cooking techniques. I am also personally involved in the selection of all ingredients and produce, and monitor what goes into every plate. We transport guests on a journey through Scandinavia, while still engaging with them via our open kitchen and informal communal seating. The open space allows us to connect with our clients, and detach the cold atmosphere typically associated with fine-dining. The guests are at the centre of the experience here, and their happiness is what counts the most.


One-of-a-kind, Michelin-starred restaurant, bringing Nordic-inspired cuisine to Geneva

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